When Taylor Swift Shows Up for Travis Kelce, the NFL and Chiefs Bank $27 Million for Each Game

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift commands a lot of attention just with her presence. Analysts have figured out her presence has been uniquely beneficial to not only the finances of Travis Kelce but his team, the Kansas City Chiefs as well.

With just her attending a Chiefs game, generates millions of dollars for the Super Bowl team.

The last few months have been especially wonderful for the pop icon. She became a billionaire and got on the cover of Time Magazine. Forbes Magazine named her the 5th most powerful woman in the world.

And her personal life is going solid with Kelce. But, this personal affair has a great financial effect as well.

Taylor Swift brings in the big bucks

Back in September, when Swift arrived at the Arrowhead Stadium to cheer Kelce, she sent shockwaves throughout the sports and entertainment world. But her impact on the finances of it is just being understood. And the experts believe that she has brought in a whopping $321 million for the Chiefs.

So far, she has attended 12 games, which amounts to $27 million worth of advertising for the Chiefs in each game. This figure is based on the amount of free advertising the Chiefs received just by being associated with the 12X Grammy winner.

And this has translated into viewership as well. With reports suggesting a 20% increase in female viewership for the NFL this regular season. Swift could break all records by attending the Super Bowl, but it won’t be as easy as attending other games for her.

The road to Super Bowl won’t be a swift one

Swift’s ‘The Eras’ tour will be resuming its international leg. The singer-songwriter is slated to perform in Tokyo, Japan on 10th February. While the Super Bowl is scheduled for 11th February. With 10-12 hours of airtime between both locations!

But Swift will not only be able to make it in time for the biggest football game, but she’ll have a day to spare as well. She’ll be crossing the international date line in her travel and will come back to America on 10th February.

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