Trevor Noah Defends Taylor Swift, Supporting Travis Kelce at 2024 Grammy awards

The 66th annual Grammy Awards kicked off with a bang as comedian Trevor Noah delivered a hilarious monologue that had the audience in stitches.

Among the topics he addressed was the recent backlash surrounding Taylor Swift’s support for her boyfriend Travis Kelce at NFL games.

Noah wasted no time diving into the controversy, quipping, “As Taylor Swift moves through the room, the local economy around those tables improves.” He continued to lighten the mood with a clever joke about Lionel Richie, playfully renaming him “Lionel Wealthy.”

The former “Daily Show” host didn’t hold back when addressing the criticism NFL fans have aimed at Swift for appearing on camera during games. “I think it’s so unfair how NFL fans have been complaining about the cameras cutting to Taylor Swift like she’s controlling the cameras at the games. Just let her live,” Noah joked.

Adding to the humor, Noah promised revenge every time Swift’s name was mentioned, cutting to someone who played football. The camera then humorously cut to actor Terry Crews, prompting Noah to playfully tease him, saying, “You like that, Terry Crews? You better fix your face, Terry. We’re watching you all night, no relaxing for you.”

This marks Noah’s fourth consecutive year as host of the Grammy Awards, where he has become known for his witty commentary and memorable moments. Throughout the years, the “Daily Show” alum has been a part of many magical Grammy moments, including introducing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Adele during the 2023 awards show.

In addition to hosting duties, Noah is also a nominee this year, up for the Best Comedy Album award for his special “I Wish You Would.” He faces stiff competition from fellow comedians Wanda Sykes, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, and Dave Chappelle in the category.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift fans have turned to an unexpected source to explain how the pop star could make it to the Super Bowl from her concert in Tokyo. A “West Wing” episode from 2001 provided

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