Travis aпd Jasoп Kelce are takiпg New Heights oп toυr with lots of sυrprises! with aп April 11 show at the Uпiversity of Ciпciппati after strikiпg $200MILLION deal to keep prodυciпg the show.

Travis and Jason Kelce are taking their New Heights podcast on tour starting with an April 11 show at the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium, where the brothers played college football.

The show was announced on Saturday on the jumbotron for the Cincinnati Bearcats game at Fifth Third Arena, as per a tweet from a reporter covering the Saturday match.

So far, it is the only date announced but given the huge popularity of the podcast, it would be surprising if it was the only one.

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Travis and Jason have previously discussed taking their podcast overseas on the show itself.

In a December episode, the brothers discussed have the two best-selling NFL jerseys in Britain, and Travis said: ‘We gotta get over there dude. I feel like if this is what’s going on in the UK, we gotta get a live show over there dude.’

Jason replied: ‘You ain’t gotta talk me into that, I’d be very down for that.’

It comes amid recent reports that the brothers could strike a deal worth an estimated $100million to keep producing the show, which has surged in popularity after the Kansas City Chiefs star began dating Taylor Swift.

‘Companies want Jason and Travis Kelce’s podcast because of the deep relationship they have with their audiences,’ Eric Silver, head of development at Multitude, a podcast collective studio and ad-sales provider, was quoted as saying by MarketWatch.

‘That’s the most important thing in podcasting. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was $100million.’

Silver’s comments follow a report in Bloomberg last week that the Kelces are shopping around for new terms. That report says they could strike a deal of around $80million.

As well as discussing the NFL, the brothers talk about their personal lives – including Travis dating Swift – and their upbringing in Cleveland.

They started the podcast back in September 2022 and release episodes every Wednesday, with a bonus edition coming every Friday during the NFL season previewing the weekend games.

They have 2.3million subscribers and their one hour, 50 minute episode recapping the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl last month has racked up 3.5million views. A guest episode featuring Jason’s wife Kylie talking about Travis and his dating life – before he went public with Swift – has 7.5million views.

Jason retired from football on Monday after 13 years with the Philadelphia Eagles, while Travis has so far spent the offseason traveling to see girlfriend Swift play in Australia and Singapore.

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