Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are almost finished recording their joint album according to The DOC, who revealed that it sounds like the perfect balance between the old and new.

Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre's 'Missionary' Album Sounds Like 'Grown-Up Death Row,' Says The DOC


During an interview with From The Desk Of Lo published on Tuesday (August 29), the No One Can Do It Better veteran discussed the long-awaited collaboration and his involvement in it.

“I plan on going to LA for a week next week to help Snoop and Dre finish Snoop’s Missionary album,” he said. “We all haven’t worked together seriously — where we’re all in a creative space — in a long time. And we’re all in a space where we wanna do something great so it should be a cool week. We should come up with two or three really great records since we’re all in this kind of space.”

He added: “We love each other. Y’know, those are my brother — I want them to win and they want me to win. We work for each other’s wins and that’s just what that is. We’re lucky if everybody’s in the right headspace, that’s the tricky part. But right now, in this moment, I think we’re all in that space where we’re ready to do some new shit.”

About the upcoming album feeling like a family reunion, he said: “It sounds like what Snoop’s next record would’ve been like on Death Row, that’s what it sounds like.”

Check out DOC’s interview below:

Two months ago, Snoop and Dre got fans excited by giving a concrete update on the status of their upcoming album. Taking to Instagram in early June, Tha Doggfather shared a photo of Dre sat behind the boards, coffee in hand, as he reflectively chipped away on some new tunes.

While a release date still remains elusive for the project, Snoop confirmed in the caption that fans will soon get their hands on some new music from the West Coast legends, writing: “Coming soon.”

Conway The Machine was just one of the people who expressed his excitement at seeing Dre back at it, writing: “Yes!!!!” in the comments with multiple fire emojis.

The pair were first spotted reuniting in the studio last March, with Snoop announcing on Instagram: “The Chronic is bac home.” He then confirmed during a red carpet appearance last summer for ET that the two of them were in fact “cooking up” something new.

While the duo have otherwise been relatively silent on what the album could entail, Grammy Award-winning producer Smitty, who has collaborated with both artists, previously spoke a bit more on the overall vibe of the new tape.

“It’s gonna be great music,” Smitty said in an interview with AllHipHop. “That’s not even the given. What people won’t expect is the level of execution that Snoop is committed to. Snoop’s in his bag.

“I was in Hawaii working with other projects last week. He called me — I’m three hours behind, it has to be eight in the morning — he’s like, ‘Man, this is Snoop. Little bro, I ain’t seen Dre this excited since The Chronic. He’s really excited about what we’re doing.’”

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