Patrick Mahomes surpasses Tom Brady’s ‘elite’ record as he aggressively chases his ‘GOAT stature’

Patrick Mahomes had an impactful game against the Bills and broke a record previously held by Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes surpasses Tom Brady’s ‘elite’ record as he aggressively chases his ‘GOAT stature’

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady (Via Imago)

Many analysts consider Tom Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady remains the standard for other NFL quarterbacks. On the other hand, Patrick Mahomes has performed admirably in his first six seasons in the NFL. Mahomes took the Kansas City Chiefs to six straight AFC Championship games and two Super Bowl wins.

After defeating the Buffalo Bills, Mahomes and the Chiefs marched to the AFC Championship game. With the win, Patrick Mahomes broke a particular record of Tom Brady in the playoffs. Brady had won 12 playoff games before he turned 30, but Mahomes surpassed him with 13. Some would say Mahomes has chosen to chase the GOAT status aggressively.

Mahomes brings his A-game during the playoffs. To date, only Joe Burrow and Tom Brady managed to win games over him. Bills quarterback Josh Allen had the opportunity to turn the table. However, he again failed. The Chiefs defense played well and restricted Allen to a less than 200-yard passing. In the end, Tyler Bass missed a game-tying field goal that led the Chiefs to their sixth straight AFC Championship game.

On the other hand, Mahomes had an impactful game against the Bills. He passed for 215 yards and had two touchdowns. Mahomes performed well in the road game against the Bills. Now, the Chiefs will face the Ravens in the AFC Championship game. If Mahomes continues winning like this, he could make a legitimate case for the GOAT status.

Another AFC Championship game for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

It has become difficult to write the Chiefs off from the NFL. This year, they struggled in the regular season. They had some unusual losses. However, they have showcased their dominant side on the big stage. The team had some offensive struggles with the problem of not having a proper wide receiver. However, it was the defense that helped them remain steady.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes (via PEOPLE)

The Chiefs would face the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game in the coming time. The Ravens were the No. 1 seed and looked unstoppable for most part of the season. Lamar Jackson played at an MVP level and will surely want to help his team make a Super Bowl appearance since 2013.

The NFL fanbase does not like the dominance of the Kansas City Chiefs. Hence, they will hope for the Ravens to stop the Chiefs from entering their fourth Super Bowl in five years. In the divisional round, Jackson and the Ravens swiftly dismantled the Houston Texans. Only time will tell if the Ravens can stop the unstoppable force that is the Kansas City Chiefs.

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