Patrick Mahomes reveals what Tom Brady told him after the Patriots beat the Chiefs in the 2019 AFC Championship… and how it helped him have a Super Bowl-winning mindset

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes opened up on the moment Tom Brady passed the torch on to him in 2019.

The Chiefs agonizingly lost to Brady’s New England Patriots in overtime of the AFC Championship back in January 2019.

However, instead of celebrating with his teammates, the legendary quarterback sought out his younger counterpart and shared some words of wisdom with him.

NFL fans have been desperate to know what the seven-time Super Bowl winner said to the now-three-time winner and Mahomes finally shed some light on their conversation.

Mahomes opened up on the devastation of working so hard to try and make it to the Super Bowl that year only to fall short but he insisted that his chat with Brady encouraged him to maintain his level of effort.

Patrick Mahomes opened up on the moment Tom Brady passed the torch on to him in 2019

The Chiefs quarterback has gone on to win three Super Bowls so far, including this year’s

‘I’d worked extremely hard that year, probably harder than I’d ever worked in my life, to get into that position and falling short, I was obviously disappointed,’ he said on the Peter King Podcast.

‘There tears in that locker room, we thought we had the chance to win the Super Bowl that year and we’d fallen short.

‘After everything had calmed down and I was going through the back tunnels, he grabbed me and pulled me to the side. All he really said was, ‘You’re doing it the right way, continue doing it the way you’re doing it.’

‘That for me was a stamp of approval, I’m going to continue to work this hard. Because if he says I’m doing it the right way, that’s the guy you want to be saying that.

‘Him seeing that from the opposite end of a football field and seeing the hard work I’ve put in and how I’ve developed in a season, that’s made me carry that mindset for the rest of my career.’

The Chiefs head coach Andy Reid also recently spoke about the moment between the two iconic signal callers, claiming that Brady told Mahomes he was ‘turning the keys over’ to him.

Brady and the New England Patriots went on to beat the LA Rams in the Super Bowl that year

‘He makes the difficult look easy at the highest possible level in the whole world,’ Reid also told Peter King.

‘There’s only 32 in the whole world, and he’s the special of the special. I watched Tom Brady turn the keys over to him, which was cool. Tom said, “Hey, this is your league now, man.”’

The Patriots went on to beat the LA Rams in the Super Bowl that year with Brady clinching his sixth ring and last in New England.

However, Mahomes and co. got their revenge the following year, with the quarterback finally getting his Super Bowl win with a victory over the San Francisco 49ers

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