Lil Wayne called Eminem a “monster” and was scared to work with him

Lil Wayne called Eminem a “monster” and was scаred to work with him

The rapper acknowledges that he was a little shaken before seeing Eminem back in the day. For the song “Drop The World” from Wayne’s 2010 album Rebirth, he was hoping to work with the rapper from Michigan. In an interview for The New York Times’ 50th-anniversary piece on hip-hop, Weezy stated, “I was afraid when I called Eminem for a song.” It is a mоnstrоsity. He must possess the same verbal gift that I do. We can’t seem to get them out of our minds. All aspects and meanings of them. We hear things that rhyme.”

He was confident they could produce some excellent songs together. However, Lil Wayne was a little reluctant because of how they both made songs. Could two well-known rappers with such a penchant for wordplay do the task? Lil Tunechi remarked, “I already know the gift and the curse he has.” “And I love to hear the way he puts it together.” One of the strongest verses in Wayne’s Rebirth emerged from Eminem’s lyrics, and the song was played on radio stations for a considerable amount of time.

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