Lightning Strikes at Taylor Swift’s Sydney Concert?! Accor Stadium Evacuated Amidst Chaos!

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras Tour concert in Sydney faced a tumultuous start as wild weather swept through the city, leading to the evacuation of fans from Accor Stadium. The excitement of 80,000 Swifties was dampened by the unexpected turn of events caused by the severe weather conditions.

As lightning struck just 10 kilometers away from the stadium shortly before 6 pm, concert organizers swiftly implemented safety measures. Fans seated on the floor and lower bowl levels were instructed to seek shelter inside the stadium. A delay in the show’s start time was announced, urging attendees to stay undercover and follow venue staff instructions for their safety.


Taylor Swift fans have been evacuated from the Accor Stadium in Sydney after lightning strikes nearby - with the superstar's performance now delayed 

Despite the weather-related setbacks, Taylor Swift finally took to the stage around 7:50 pm, displaying resilience amidst the challenges. However, her support act, Sabrina Carpenter, was unfortunately axed from the Friday night performance due to the weather disruptions.

Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour (Midnight Rain) : r/TaylorSwiftsLegs

The unexpected evacuation and delay left concert-goers, many clad in plastic rain ponchos, scrambling to find shelter within the stadium. Some expressed frustration over the lack of communication and uncertainty surrounding the show’s start time, highlighting the challenges faced by attendees amidst the chaos.

Taylor Swift performing in Sydney

Prior to Swift’s appearance, fans voiced a mix of anticipation and concern, with some expressing nervousness about the rain and others voicing frustrations over the lack of updates from venue authorities. The uncertainty regarding noise curfews and show timings added to the overall apprehension among attendees.

Swift is seen playing in the rain during a show in Foxborough, Massachusetts last May

Accor Stadium, with its 11 pm curfew, posed additional challenges for organizers and attendees alike. Swift’s elaborate Eras Tour shows, spanning nearly three-and-a-half-hours, faced potential disruptions due to the venue’s regulations, contributing to the heightened anxiety among fans awaiting updates.

A statement from Accor Stadium told concert-goers the three-hour show has been delayed as fans race to get under cover

Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather and venue regulations, Taylor Swift’s Sydney concert ultimately proceeded, showcasing the resilience of both the artist and her devoted fan base. The unexpected evacuation and delay, while disrupting the concert experience, served as a testament to the dedication of Swifties who braved the storm to witness their idol’s performance.

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