Joe Budden says Eminem should “stop dissing him” after being called out on new album

Joe Budden says Eminem should “stop dissing him” after being called out on his new album

In the most recent installment of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden emphasized that he has no desire for ill will against the Detroit rapper. This follows Em’s alleged dissing of Budden in his latest song, “Lock it Up.”   “The same way I feel like he should stop dissing Lord Jamar, I feel like he should stop dissing me,” Joe stated in the podcast opening. “Ay whatever we had, that exchange, when you did all of the videos, the trapped in the closet interview videos and I said whatever I said on the pod, it was a moment in time.”

It seems that Em’s new song “Lock It Up” refers to Budden’s treachery. “Tryna save at Kroger/So why would I give a f**k about backstabbin’ Trader Joe for,” the rapper sings in the chorus. The rapper of “Pump It Up” only said, “We had our discussion and it was over. I can’t be upset with someone in 2020 and still hold grudges against one of the greatest rappers.”

Another dubious line that Em is said to have dropped in “I Will” is, “Yeah, your group was off the chain, but you were the weakest link.” Many admirers thought that Budden was the target of the song. Since Budden was a part of Slaughterhouse, which was signed to Em’s Shady Records, the two had a friendly relationship in the past.

The native of New York disclosed that the reason for their disagreement began when he did not like the way Em conducted business. But Budden criticized Eminem’s Revival album back in 2017. Budden disapproved of the album, so Em poked fun at him with his 2018 remix of “Chloraseptic.” After that, Em again made fun of Budden in his Kamikaze song “Fall”. A month later, Budden declared that, in terms of rap talent, he had surpassed Eminem for ten years.

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