“I’m Sick Of People Being Mad About It” – Pat McAfee Denounces Critics Targeting Travis Kelce Over Affair With Taylor Swift

“I’m Sick Of People Being Mad About It” – Pat McAfee Denounces Critics Targeting Travis Kelce Over Affair With Taylor Swift

In a recent episode of the Pat McAfee show, the host, Pat McAfee, expressed his frustration with critics who were targeting NFL player Travis Kelce over his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.

McAfee defended the couple, stating that people shouldn’t be upset about it and mentioned that Taylor Swift is now a part of the football world.

“The most successful woman on earth right now happens to be dating the greatest tight end of all time… Why is everybody so mad about it? I’m sick of people being mad about it… Taylor (Swift) is a part of the football world now. This is good news, not bad news,” said Pat.

The context for McAfee’s comments comes from a clip showing Taylor Swift celebrating with Travis Kelce after the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, securing their spot in the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift’s attendance at the AFC Championship game on January 28, 2024, was notable.

After the Chiefs’ victory, Swift joined her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, on the field for celebrations, including hugging and kissing.

She also shared the moment with Kelce’s family during the trophy presentation.

For instance, on Sunday, a fan from the defeated Baltimore Ravens team yelled at her, claiming she had “ruined the NFL.”

Swift responded humorously, stating she hadn’t done anything to ruin the league.

Pat McAfee specifically addressed such derogatory remarks and expressed his annoyance with fans hating on the Kelce-Swift relationship.

Well, since the beginning of her relationship with Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has faced criticism from some NFL fans who believe the league is highlighting her more than the actual football.

In a previous interview for her Time Person of the Year feature, Taylor addressed the criticism from NFL fans, mentioning that she attends games to support Travis Kelce and is unaware of how much she is shown during broadcasts.

“I’m just there to support Travis,” she said. “I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much and p****** off a few dads, Brads, and Chads.”

FYI, Swift’s presence at NFL games has reportedly generated a significant brand value of $331.5 million for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL.

This estimation is based on the impact of mentions across various media platforms, contributing to increased viewership, particularly among young and female fans.

As the Super Bowl approaches, the anticipation of Taylor Swift potentially attending is expected to further boost excitement among her fanbase.

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