Ice Cube Puts Eminem In His Top 10: “One of the best to ever touch the mic”

Ice Cube Puts Eminem In His Top 10: “One of the best to ever touch the mic”

The legendary rapper from Los Angeles undoubtedly has the longest list of favorite rappers, yet he was still unable to include everyone on it. Still, Eminem managed to get there. By the end of Ice Cube’s co-hosted Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, which aired about a month ago, the subject was raised. Since the description of this podcast states that it “bridges the gap between social media and reality TV,” hip-hop heads were slow to notice this episode. And when it did, they discovered a delightful surprise tucked away after the show.

Hosts questioned Ice Cube on his all-time top five rappers before he signed off. The former NWA member resisted being constrained by this low figure:

Oh no… Top 5. That is challenging. I possess the top 15. I return to the guys who established the standard. Melle Mel is among my first-best. KRS-1 is another fantastic MC who, in my opinion, felt that everyone should add more flair to their rhymes. I give it to Chuck D, another person who is my all-time favorite because he elevated consciousness in rap to a whole new level and never wavered. Another trend-setter is Ice-T, one of my original icons who contributed to the West Coast’s global recognition.

Following that, ugh. One of my all-time favorite rappers is Snoop. Thus are Biggie, Jay Z, and Nas. It’s insаne that there are rappers on the West Coast like Ras Kass. “One of the best to ever touch the mic” is Eminem. Gоddamn, Lil Wayne is a horrible guy! There are some more out there. Oh, monster Black Thought! Please pardon me; I would hate to leave anyone out. Did I mention Jay-Z? Let me reverse this; I have two more. Sаy it with me: Slick Rick. I’ll just leave the last one empty for everyone aware that I enjoy their garbage. You know that it goes beyond that. Great MCs are so plentiful. These lists are meaningless. To be honest, there are too many to list.

Artists who have been in the business for decades must find it tedious to compile these unending lists, which will never really represent reality. Fans, however, adore seeing their favorites included. The fact that Marshall’s nаme appeared in the inaugural top 10 was recognized by all Eminem fans.

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