How will training with Mike Tyson benefit Francis Ngannou’s technique in the boxing ring?

Getting tips & advice from a legendary boxer should help Ngannou… The only problem is — come fight night, he’s on his own. Whether he’s facing Fury in an exhibition match or someone else down the line, Mike Tyson won’t be in the ring with him !

One of the main ingredients that Ngannou lacks is experience & know-how. This takes time & a gradual exposure to the competition… By boxing Fury so soon — he is jumping into “the deep end” right away… this is a calculated gamble but likely a mistake.

Ngannou clearly thinks boxing is like MMA & brings a mentality of “anything I hit— I can destroy!” The problem is — I don’t see him laying a meaningful glove on someone as seasoned & crafty as a Tyson Fury. There is an absolute world of difference between facing an over the hill Alistair Overeem in MMA & boxing the slipperiest heavyweight in the world !

How will training with Mike Tyson benefit Francis Ngannou's technique in the boxing ring? - Quora

OTOH, Fury has already handily dealt with another monster puncher in Deontay Wilder — so why would he be worried about facing a novice, crossover puncher ? As far as I can see — Ngannou only brings MMA power & physicality .

Mike Tyson cannot wave a magic wand. Whilst his advice will make some difference to Ngannou’s chances, in the end — it won’t be enough. This exhibition match will likely follow a similar script to Mayweather vs McGregor back in 2017… it’s mostly about the money & Fury keeping himself busy.

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