From starriпg iп commercials to prodυciпg a movie: How Travis Kelce is goiпg Hollywood

From starriпg iп commercials to prodυciпg a movie: How Travis Kelce is goiпg Hollywood

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing

Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift after his Super Bowl win. He has big plans for global domination.AFP via Getty Images

Not everybody who partied in Taylor Swift’s $2.5 million Super Bowl suite was an A-lister.

Although you may not have recognized them, Travis Kelce’s business managers André and Aaron Eanes were also there celebrating the Chiefs’ win, alongside Blake Lively, Lana del Rey and Ice Spice.

The twin brothers have known Kelce since he played at the University of Cincinnati and have been instrumental in plotting the NFL tight end’s career — and growing his estimated $40 million fortune.

Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce passionately embraces girlfriend Taylor Swift after his Super Bowl win Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs.Getty Images

Travis Kelce stands by a private jet with André and Aaron Eanes.

Kelce with his managers, twin brothers André (right) and Aaron Eanes (left).dreeanes/Instagram

In a moment of synergy, André even posted a photo of a can of Casa Azul Tequila Soda, a brand in which Kelce holds an equity stake.

“We positioned Travis to be world famous,” André, 34, told the New York Times last month. “We didn’t know how it would happen, or when it would happen, or what would help push that further along. But it’s always been the thought in the back of our minds.”

Kelce, 34, has dreamed of becoming as big as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the former NFL player and WME wrestler turned Disney star who’s now on track to become a billionaire thanks to his Teremana Tequila brand.

André and Aaron Eanes celebrate with Taylor Swift, Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce.

André and Aaron Eanes joined Swift and her A-list pals including Blake Lively and Ice Spice, as well as Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce inside a $2.5 million suite at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas.@dreeanes/Instagram

Casa Azul Tequila Soda can.

André Eanes posted a photo of a can of Casa Azul Tequila Soda, of which Kelce owns a stake, at the game.@dreeanes/Instagram

Indeed, Kelce recently signed with Uber agency CAA to pursue his acting dreams.

He hosted “Saturday Night Live” last March and made a surprise cameo appearance on the show with Swift in October.

And he’s already starred in countless commercials, for everything from State Farm insurance to Campbell’s soup, Experian to Pfizer to Bud Light.

He is also a true showman, hollering “Viva, Las Vegas” to Chiefs fans and joining the Chainsmokers behind the decks at the Chiefs’ after-game party.
Ed Harris, Sonequa Martin-Green and Natalie Morales in "My Dead Friend Zoe".

Kelce is an executive producer on the new movie, “My Dead Friend Zoe,” which will have its premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival next month.Legion M

And, of course, Kelce already has a hit Spotify podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles star Jason — “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” — and next month, he’ll have his first executive producer credit on a new film premiering at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

“My Dead Friend Zoe”, which stars Ed Harris, Sonequa Martin-Green and Natalie Morales, is described as a black comedy about a US Army veteran, the dead best friend she can’t let go of and her estranged grandfather.

Kelce also has his own clothing range, Tru Kolors.

Page Six is told that, while Kelce was in NYC for “SNL” he spent his free time shopping at designer stores.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kiss.

Kelce and Swift smooched at celebrations after the Super Bowl at the Wynn Las Vegas.Mike Kirschbaum/Wynn Las Vegas / MEGA

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift leave the Wynn.

The world’s hottest couple partied until after 5am Monday morning.Danny Mahoney/Wynn Las Vegas / MEGA

“He was all about his looks,” a TV insider told us.

But a few blips are threatening to tarnish Kelce’s image.

During the big game, he shoved Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid while yelling at him — prompting Swifties to call this behavior a red flag.

Speaking on their podcast, Jason Kelce told his brother, “You crossed the line; I think we can both agree on it.”

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce share a laugh.

Kelce’s got a hit Spotify podcast, “New Heights,” with his Philadelphia Eagles’ star brother Jason Kelce (left).New Heights/YouTube

“I did,” Kelce agreed. “I can’t get that fired up to that point where I’m bumping Coach and it’s getting him off balance and stuff.

“It’s definitely unacceptable, and I immediately wish I would have took it back … “

Global PR and branding expert Mark Borkowski told Page Six: “It’s very interesting, I think the guy was always going on to great things before he met Taylor Swift. He was part of a legendary team and he had a big part to play in it. He was poised to be one of those players who have a huge career both on and off the field.

Travis Kelce screams at Andy Reid.

Kelce let his temper loose on Kansas City head coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.Getty Images

“But what happened Sunday night with the coach started off this speculation that he’s this monster with anger issues.”

Kelce’s “passion” definitely took over as he swept Swift — who had flown from Japan for the game — into an embrace on the field at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Travis Kelce and teammates celebrate.

Kelce, center, danced with his team during the Kansas City Chiefs celebration Wednesday — before a shocking shooting that left one woman dead and many fans injured.AP

The sportsman was then seen serenading the singer with her own hit “You Belong with Me” at  the Chiefs celebrations at XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas as the couple partied until after 5 a.m.

Kelce came under online fire again this week for happily posing with police officers soon after the terrifying shooting at the Chiefs victory parade on Wednesday, which killed local DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan and injured more than 20 people.

Travis Kelce shows off a bandage on his upper arm.

Kelce has appeared in commercials for Pfizer.Pfizer

Travis Kelce in an Experian advert.

The tight end has also been in ads for Experian.Experian

Hours later he joined a small group of teammates, including Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany, at a celebratory dinner at KC eatery Granfalloon.

Kelce — who on Friday donated $100,000 to the family of two young girls injured in the shooting — posted on X, “I am heartbroken over the tragedy that took place today … My heart is with all who came out to celebrate with us and have been affected.”

Borkowski added, “It must be incredibly difficult to conduct your life under such scrutiny.”

Meanwhile a top Hollywood producer told The Post it is only a matter of time before Kelce gets his own documentary.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift walk hand in hand.

Swift and Kelce both made surprise cameos on “Saturday Night Live” in October.GC Images

“I’m sure his people are in talks … I think he’s fascinating,” the producer added.

Kelce is, indeed, a Hollywood hero in the flesh — standing six-feet-five with a cheeky grin and bright blue eyes.

Travis Kelce wears a white tuxedo and sunglasses.

Kelce loves clothes — and went shopping for designer duds while in NYC for “SNL.” He’s seen at the ESPN awards in Hollywood last July.Getty Images

André Eanes told the NYT how Kelce mused, “Man, I don’t think I’ll ever be as famous as The Rock” —to which André told him: “…Yes, you can.”

Rachel Richardson, a former SnapChat exec who writes the Highly Flammable trends newsletter, told Page Six that Kelce’s “display of aggression adds to the interest and intrigue around him.

Travis Kelce stands with a microphone.

Kelce is a born showman and entertained the crowds during the Kelce Jam at Azura Amphitheatre last April in Bonner Springs, Kansas.Getty Images

“Travis is letting us see all sides of him — both his alpha and beta tendencies — and I think that makes him more, not less marketable,” Richardson said. “He’s a three time Super Bowl winner who proudly rocks a friendship bracelet.

“He takes risks with his style that could be seen as pretentious but then kicks it with his brother on their podcast. He’s top of his game, and comfortable enough in his masculinity to be with a woman who is at the top of hers.”

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox pose for photos.

Kelce and Swift partied with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the Super Bowl.Megan Fox / Instagram

Richardson said that Kelce could become even bigger than Dwayne Johnson or Tom Brady, who has made millions from branding and endorsements.

“[Kelce] has very much become the zeitgeist — and that means brands will be beating a path to his door for collabs and endorsements,” she said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if his next deal is with a high-end fashion house.

“He’ll mainly focus on media opportunities in TV and Hollywood, though. He’s been open about his acting ambitions and how much he admires The Rock. Looking at the trajectory he’s currently on I think he could even surpass Johnson’s career.
Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes in a State Farm commercial.

Kelce and Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes (let) starred in a State Farm commercial together.State Farms

Kelse — who starred on his own dating reality show “Catching Kelce” (nobody ever did) back in 2016 — now has a creative strategist, a community outreach coordinator, a Los Angeles-based publicist, a personal chef and a trainer. He has four sports agents, led by Mike Simon at VMG.

The Eanes brothers are in charge of all of this.

They revealed they’re looking over film scripts and game show ideas, and may cut down his commercials.

“People say to me, ‘Man, it’s been a crazy year,’” Aaron Eanes told the NYT. “When I say, ‘Actually, it’s not that crazy,’ people look at me funny. It’s because it’s easy when you have a plan. We’re executing that plan.”

Travis Kelce at the grill in a Pfizer commercial.

Kelce in a “Got Booster” commercial for Pfizer last year.Pfizer

And the footballer has room to make mistakes — for now.

“Kelce is occupying a rare space right now by being both a multi-layered character and in a relationship with the most famous person in America,” said Richardson.”This gives him some plenty of wiggle room for slip ups before it affects his marketability.”

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