Eazy E‘s daughter has become one of the newest contestants on the hit Food Network reality competition show, Worst Cooks in America.

Eazy E’s Daughter Hopes To Prove She's Not One Of The ‘Worst Cooks In America’


According to a press release shared with HipHopDX, Ebie Wright is one of the 16 “spoiled rotten” players who have no culinary skills thanks to being overindulged by everyone from their mothers to their personal chefs.

Wright is one of the NWA legend’s eleven children, whose mother is realtor and reality TV producer Tracy Jernagin. She earned her spot among the spoiled contestants due to an upbringing that saw her “eating in five-star restaurants,” according to her bio on the Food Network website.

Ebie — who previously appeared on the E! reality show Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules — tells the show that she’s had an “ah-ha” moment about the “outrageous” amount she spends on restaurants now. And now, she’s ready to stop relying on her mother and her favorite spots for sustenance.

While it remains to be seen whether Wright will take home the dubious honor of being the Worst Cook in America, Hip Hop takes their relationship with their chefs very seriously; which Kid Cudi’s personal chef found out the hard way.

Back in 2022, a woman claiming to be Cudi’s personal cook took to TikTok to showcase a day in her life and described what meals she allegedly provides the Man on the Moon rapper.

Known as “Chef Morgan,” the chef cooked up some eggs, pancakes and bacon, as well as a strawberry and banana smoothie for her “client’s” breakfast. For lunch, Morgan bought frozen fries and the ingredients for a cheeseburger.

When the video made the rounds on TikTok, fans of the Grammy-award winner were not having it.

“We rly using the title “chef” loosely these days,” commented one fan. While another added: “They can literally hire me to do a better job.”

On Twitter, the uproar continued, with fans saying Kid Cudi should actually be the one to blame for his juvenile taste buds.

“Then take it [up] with kid cudi????????” tweeted one confused fan. “Shame him for his food choices dont blame the chef??? so what if she not trained? kid cudi obviously likes the food she makes.”

While the frozen fries and burger caused particular upset amongst his fans, Cudi has shown he’s a big fan of McDonald’s and back in July served as the brand’s headliner for their Camp McDonald’s virtual event.

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