Dr. Dre says Aftermath didn’t blow up until Eminem, tells origins of ‘2001’ album title

Dr. Dre has recently set down with Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio where the two talked about where they were at in their career in 1999. Dre also recalls having to name his 1999 album “The Chronic 2001” instead of “The Chronic 2000” after Suge Knight released a Death Row Compilation album under the same name and speaks on how he felt leaving his masters behind after leaving Death Row Records.

“At that time, leaving Death Row, there was a lot going on in my life. I got married in 1996. Had a son in 1997 and then I had to start label, build a new crew and you can imagine how much work that takes. All the things happening simultaneously. I just felt like the music I was doing at that time it was not completely up to par. I think the first record we did at Aftermath it went platinum but it was not my bet foot forward. It didn’t smash. Then Jimmy Iovine introduced me to Eminem and that’s when everything took off.” – says Dre.

And then Dr. Dre continues talking about what are the origins of the “2001” album title and how Suge Knight stole his ideas. You can watch the full thing below:

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