Daz Dillinger Presses Dr. Dre For “The Chronic” Royalties

Daz wants his percentage.

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Dr. Dre’s 1992 debut album The Chronic recently celebrated its 31st anniversary. In honor of the occasion, Long Beach-born rapper and producer Daz Dillinger posted a photo of the album’s cover art on Instagram. In his caption, however, he emphasized that he’s still yet to see royalties for his work on the LP. According to him, the clock is ticking on when he’ll finally decide he’s “COMIN.”

“HAPPY 31st C DAY TO THE CHRONIC @drdre BUT WHEN CAN WE RECEIVE OUR ROYALTIES 💰,” he wrote. “ARE YOU OR @interscope GONE ROBB US LIKE @deathrowrecords 2024 & THE N****S FROM THE PAST WHO RAN IT str8 B*tchez 💥F**EM 💥.”

Daz Dillinger Wants His Royalties

“REMEMBER DAZ COPYRIGHT REVERSIONS LAW IZ FILED I WANT % not points 💰💯,” he added. “SO YALL ON A TIME LIMIT 4MORE YRS TIL IT REVERTS BAC THEN ITS REALLY LIKE F***EM I AINT CLEARING SH** 💰💰💰💰💰up👍🏾 IM COMIN💥💥💥.” This isn’t the first time Daz has argued that he’s owed money for his work on Dr. Dre’s projects either. Back in April, he appeared on the Home Grown Radio podcast, claiming that Jay-Z took inspiration from his rhymes on “Still D.R.E.”

“In my mind, JAY-Z was listening to ‘Serial Killa’ while he was writing that mother*ckin’ rhyme,” he explained. “And I wanna get my money for that.” While he insisted he’s owed “some percentages,” he revealed that he’s already reached out to Jay-Z in an attempt to get his money. Unfortunately, he claimed that he was threatened with legal action in response. “Music has no statute of limitations,” he reminded listeners. What do you think of Daz Dillinger asking Dr. Dre when he’ll be receiving royalties for The Chronic? Do you think Dr. Dre owes him some money? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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