Bruno Mars bought a mansion just to display his Grammy trophy

Situated near Hollywood actor George Clooney, Bruno Mars paid $6.5 million for the opulent mansion situated on two acres of land.

Situated in a community with two gates, Bruno Mar’s California Dream mansion boasts a wine cellar, a family room complete with a bar, and a children’s wing featuring two bedrooms. Other amenities include dry saunas, steam rooms, and a heated cabana. There is also a playground for kids. Additionally, there is an infinity pool.

According to reports, Elvira Kudryashova, a former minister of Kazakhstan, was being sued in a federal court in California for allegedly embezzling at least $300 million from the city of Almaty. Consequently, the real estate market is outstanding.



Reportedly, Kudryashova paid $5.7 million for the house when she purchased it in 2013, but she relisted it for roughly $7.8 million less than a year later. Mars eventually purchased it for $6.5 million when the price dropped to $6.8 million.



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