Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Missed On Collaboration With Dr. Dre, Would Reunite For Second Chance

Layzie Bone reveals that back in a day the band had beats sent by Dr. Dre but they didn’t handle it right.During his interview with The Digital Soapbox Network, one of this tightly knit Grammy winning group, explained why Bone Thugs-N-Harmony had never ever had a track produced by Dr. Dre:


I got a couple of tracks from Dre that I was never really able to to use. The Dre thing was when the opportunity was presenting itself, we was internally fucked up. And Dre was like, “If I can’t have all five of y’all, I ain’t fucking with y’all”. And that was that. So hopefully one day he’ll get it. I know all of us individually tried. I mean, that’s Dre, who don’t want a Dre beat? We all tried to go individually but the way the word got back to me was like, Dre said if he can’t have all y’all, it’s no point.

However, Layzie Bone still holds on to hope that the collaboration is still possible:

Wassup Dre? One call from Dre, watch how fast all five get together. Let’s preach on that. The legacy project! We’re talking about a double album, a world tour, we’re talking about a coffee table book, we’re talking about a biopic. I’ll drop everything I’m doing for an opportunity to work with Dr. Dre. I’m pretty sure my niggas feel the same way.

It reminds of his remark earlier this year, when Layzie Bone was dreaming about a possibility of a joint with Eminem, stating that the collab “will blow the world’s socks off”.

Watch the video below:

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