Billionaire Ray Dalio Makes a Bold Declaration About Taylor Swift

The American investor and hedge fund manager sent a strong message on social media.

When it comes to Taylor Swift, everyone has an opinion. However billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio recently made a bold declaration about the pop superstar—and plenty of folks agree.

On Thursday, March7, Dalio took to Instagram to post a selfie from one of Swift’s Eras Tour concerts in Singapore.

“@taylorswift for President!” he captioned the picture. “I just saw her at her concert in Singapore and realized that she can bring together Americans and people in most countries much better than either of the candidates, and that bringing people together is the most important thing.”

Dalio continued: “Watching this concert with people from all over the world made me and them feel good and connected and reminded me how powerful that universal culture is. Wouldn’t it be great if we had two candidates who could lead that culture and make smart leadership decisions too?”

In the comments, Instagram users reacted to the billionaire’s strong opinion. Although some folks wondered if he was drunk, others thoroughly enjoyed Dalio’s Swiftie moment.

One person wrote, “Dalio geeking at a Taylor swift concert might be the best thing I’ve seen all year,” while someone else commented, “Ray is a swiftie. Didn’t see this one coming.”

Another Instagram user added, “And Beyonce for Vice President! This dynamic duo would infuse our world with passion & power without ego!”

Still others poked fun at the way Dalio took the photo and its resulting quality.

One person commented, “The world’s greatest portfolio manager of all time and he takes pictures like my father ❤️.”

Yet another Instagram user pointed out, “Bro is one of the greatest hedge fund managers in the world but doesn’t know how to use his phone camera for a forward facing selfie 😂.”

Ray Dalio message about Taylor Swift

Ray Dalio’s Instagram Story Ray Dalio/Instagram

In the comments and a separate Instagram Story, Dalio clarified his stance and defended his sobriety.

“No I wasn’t drunk (though obviously I need to work on my selfies) and yes it was a joke, which is a half-truth,” he explained. “The half that’s true is that I think she can bring people together a lot better than either of the presidential candidates and bringing people together is one of the most important things a president should do.”

Dalio continued: “At the concert, I saw all sorts of Americans and people of all nationalities being brought together, and I imagined a presidential candidate who could bring people together the way Taylor Swift could and was also smart enough to make the right decisions and strong enough to lead most people to do the right things for most people. Unfortunately, I don’t actually see such a candidate.”

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