Big News: Mahomes and Kelce Just Broke an NFL Playoff Touchdown Record! Making History in Football!

Big News: Mahomes and Kelce Just Broke an NFL Playoff Touchdown Record! 🏈 Making History in Football!

The new Brady and Gronkowski: Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce could make history against the Bills | Marca

The dynamic duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce made history by connecting for their 16th playoff touchdown, surpassing the previous record held by Brady and Gronkowski, as reported by The Athletic.

The record-breaking moment occurred in the third quarter, marking Kelce’s second touchdown of the night and solidifying the Chiefs’ lead against the Bills. Kelce’s initial touchdown had come late in the second quarter, propelling the Chiefs to their first lead in the game.

While Brady and Gronkowski accumulated 15 postseason touchdowns over their careers, Kelce and Mahomes achieved this remarkable feat in only 16 postseason games together. This record-setting performance played a crucial role in the Chiefs’ divisional-round victory on Sunday.

Before the Mahomes era, Kelce had only caught one playoff touchdown in 2017, thrown by Alex Smith. However, since teaming up with Mahomes, the duo has become a formidable force in postseason play.

The victory against the Bills showcased the Chiefs’ offensive prowess, with Mahomes and Kelce leading the charge. Despite facing a cold post-game scenario with the locker room’s hot water turned off, the Chiefs considered it a small sacrifice for their thrilling win.

In other NFL highlights, the Kansas City Chiefs’ secondary impressed in their win against the Bills, limiting their downfield attacks. Stefon Diggs struggled against the Chiefs’ defense, contributing only three receptions for 21 yards.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s support for the Chiefs garnered attention, with her unique fashion choices showcasing pieces from local stores, women-owned businesses, and brands offering vintage options.

The post-game celebration was marred by snowball-throwing Bills fans, prompting Chiefs cornerback Jaylen Watson to call out their actions. The win also brought attention to the controversial touchback rule, which the NFL plans to review in the offseason.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles fired defensive coordinator Sean Desai after a disappointing season, and the Detroit Lions secured a spot in the NFC title game, defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Chiefs’ offensive explosion and efficient performance against the Bills were highlighted, emphasizing their ability to save their best for the biggest moments. Running back Isiah Pacheco and tight end Travis Kelce played crucial roles in the offensive success, contributing to the team’s victory in the AFC Divisional Round.

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