2Pac‘s estate is reportedly gearing up to put out four previously unreleased tracks from the late rapper as part of a Greatest Hits album.

2Pac’s Estate Reportedly Gearing Up To Release Four Unreleased Records


The news arrives via 2Pac’s “only official fan page,” which wrote on Instagram that the album “will consist of previously released recordings from the ‘2Pacalypse Now’ period to Pac’s ‘Thug Life’ period with 4 previously unreleased Pre-Death Row tracks.”

In a podcast interview in December, 2Pac associate E-Love confirmed that unreleased Battlecat-produced songs have been in the vault and would be arriving sometime in 2023.

“Bob did more songs with him than I did,” E-Love said on the I Only Touch Greatness podcast. “I did two to three songs. Actually two songs are coming out next year. Bob did a string of songs that still have not yet come out.”

The Shakur Estate settled a five-year-old lawsuit with Death Row Records over royalties owed to the late rapper in 2018. In addition to financial compensation, a batch of unreleased music was handed over and intentions to release two albums were discussed.

In 2019, Suge Knight Jr. took to social media to add on to his claims that 2Pac was still alive, insisting that the Hip Hop luminary was even making new music.

“I GOT PAC BACK IN THE STUDIO. NEW MUSIC COMING,” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “This ain’t a joke. @NewDeathRow??/?? Coming soon.”

While numerous people questioned Knight’s mental state, others were convinced his posts were just a convoluted way of plugging the unreleased music the Tupac Shakur Estate has in the vault.

And while the theory 2Pac is still alive is quite a stretch, fans can actually now text the late rapper thanks to a new artificial intelligence chatbot that allows users to message notable people from history.

Historical Figures was released last month, and ‘Pac is among 20,000 names like Babe Ruth, Biggie Smalls and even Adolf Hitler that users can message. The app has already created some controversy, however, as users have pointed out historical inaccuracies in some of their conversations.

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